Cholankanda Youth Training Centre

The Youth Training Centre at Cholankanda, managed by the Jesuits in Sri Lanka, is an educational institute where vocational training programmes are conducted for youth.  CYTC is recognized by the Social Service Department as a Non Governmental Organization (Ref. No. PASCO/5/17/07). It is also bearing the registered with Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (Reg.No P11/0014) and City & Guilds of UK  (Reg.No 844038) to offer C & G International Programmes in 6161 Construction Industry

In 1992, the Cholankanda Youth Training Centre (CYTC) was founded under the name of Cholankanda Boy’s Town, offering boarding accommodations to children from the tea plantation community and nearby rural areas who required access to schools in Nawalapitiya. From 1994 onwards, the CYTC introduced technical training initiatives, enabling students to pursue qualifications like Electricians Power National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority National Trade Test Grades II & III. Irrespective of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or gender, the center extends a warm welcome to all young individuals from the region.

Having completed thirty years of operation, the CYTC looks forward to a future where the youth from the estates and villages can improve their prospects and seamlessly integrate into the advancing society of Sri Lanka through technical education. At present, the center provides Trade Training Courses in disciplines such as Electrical work, Automobile Mechanics, and Computer Application Assistance. CYTC has obtained official recognition from the government as a Vocational Training Centre and upon successfully passing the final examinations, trainees are awarded government-recognized accreditation that hold national and international recognition.

Fr. Christian Perera SJ


Cholankanda Youth Training Center

Udahentenne 20506

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