Jesuits in Social Apostolate

The Jesuit Social apostolate in Sri Lanka covers a range of programs and initiatives that address social issues, advocate for justice, and promote the rights and well-being of marginalized and disadvantaged communities. With a focus on various areas including education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, rural development, peacebuilding, and reconciliation, the Jesuit Social apostolate is committed to actively working towards the creation of a more inclusive and compassionate society. Guided by the principles of Ignatian spirituality and driven by a deep sense of solidarity, the Jesuits strive to foster social justice and support those in need.


Satyodaya Center for Social Reseach & Encounter

No 30, Pushpadana Road,

Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Tel. (94) 081 222 2955



Satyodaya is a recognized voluntary development organization that actively works to tackle socio-economic challenges faced by marginalized communities residing in the plantations and neighboring villages of Sri Lanka’s Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces. As a Jesuit Social Centre, its primary aim is to promote the establishment of an equitable society that values and respects inter-ethnic, inter-linguistic, inter-religious, and inter-cultural dimensions in the spirit of humanity.


Their activities encompass conducting awareness programs, organizing training workshops, and leading advocacy campaigns to combat social injustices and uphold human rights. Furthermore, they actively collaborate with local communities, government agencies, and other stakeholders to implement projects that foster community development and enhance the overall well-being of the marginalized people in the region of Kandy.

Centre for Social Concern (CSC)

30 Station Road Hatton   

Tel. (+94) 051 2223384


Centre for Social Concern (CSC) is committed to realizing its vision of building a just and humane society among people living in the upcountry. Its primary focus is to ensure that every person within this community can live with dignity and enjoy their fundamental rights.


With a clear mission in mind, CSC actively works towards building people’s organizations among various segments of the population, including children, youth, women, and estate workers.


CSC’s objectives encompass a range of activities aimed at achieving their mission. They prioritize educational empowerment, recognizing the importance of education in uplifting individuals and communities.


CSC recognizes the importance of research and publication in informing their work and driving evidence-based interventions. It actively promotes research activities and publish findings to contribute to the collective knowledge in the field of community development.

Loyola Centre for Ecology & Justice (LCEJ)
238 Inner Harbour Road
Trincomalee 31000
Tel. (+94) 026 3260895

 Loyola Centre for Ecology & Justice recognizes that the environmental crisis is not neutral but aggravates existing inequalities, resulting in situations of injustice. Low-income families, in particular, bear the effects of this crisis, experiencing physical, psychological, and social hardships due to pollution and environmental degradation.


Through its initiatives, the center seeks to raise awareness about environmental issues, promote sustainable practices, and advocate for policies that prioritize ecological justice and the well-being of vulnerable communities. By addressing the root causes of the environmental crisis and its social implications, the Loyola Centre for Ecology & Justice aims to foster a more just and sustainable future for the people of Trincomalee.

Shanti Community Animation Center

106/3, Sri Saranankara Road,

Dehiwela, Sri Lanka,

Tel. + 94 11 2727941


Shanti Community Animation Center is a non-sectarian, non-profit & non-political voluntary social service organization serving the poor in Sri Lanka and is located on Sri Saranankara Road Dehiwala, Colombo.


It has a vision towards a humanized and reconciled Sri Lankan Society living a dignified existence founded on Justice & Equality, Peace, Dignity & Freedom.


The mission of Shanti Community Animation Movement is to bring about humanized & reconciled, dignified & enabled communities among the marginalized shanty people in Colombo & the victims of war & and natural disasters by providing shelter/housing & increasing education opportunities & livelihood options in restorative justice to the victims of war, quality education to preschool children, complementary education to youth, children & adults, job oriented skills training of youth & adults, conscientization on gender equality & child protection; self-employment skills to mothers & women, care for elders  specially the housebound, relief to the victims of natural disasters via capacity building, skills training, networking, education & vocational training in collaboration with other like-minded groups & organizations.

Jesuit Reconciliation Solidarity Sri Lanka
Inigo Illam
Sirukulam, Nedunkandal
Adampan 41000 (Mannar Dist.)
Tel. (+94) 023 2050852

Jesuit Reconciliation Solidarity Sri Lanka (JRSS) aims to foster reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts among different communities in Sri Lanka, particularly in areas affected by the country’s long-standing ethnic conflict.

The mission of JRSS is to work towards healing the wounds of the past, promoting dialogue, and facilitating social cohesion between different ethnic and religious groups. It provides various forms of support to the people in the war affected north including education, livelihood programs, psychosocial assistance, and legal aid. They strive to empower individuals and communities to rebuild their lives and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

Rainbow Kids' Campus & Padre Pio Ayurvedic Treatment Centre
Jesuit Fathers
Pasikudah Road
Kalkudah 30410

Padre Pio Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kalkudah provides traditional Ayurvedic treatments and remedies to the local community and visitors in the region. Ayurveda is known for its holistic approach to health and well-being, utilizing herbal medicines, diet, and various therapies to promote healing and balance in the body.

Rainbow Kids’ Campus in Kalkudah is a Jesuit childcare center, preschool and an educational centre catering to the children who are socially and economically backward in the Kalkudah area of the Batticaloa district. The Centre focusses on providing childhood education, play-based learning, and a nurturing environment for children to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540

by Saint Ignatius Loyola and his companions.

The mission of the Jesuits is a mission of justice and reconciliation, working so that

women and men can be reconciled with God, with themselves, with each other

and with God’s creation.


St. Xavier’s Residence

No. P/U/47, St. Xavier Mawatha


Negombo 11500

Tel: (+94) 0312221927

Fax: (+94) 0312225027