The rich legacy of the Jesuits is characterized by their profound dedication to intellectual exploration and knowledge-sharing, which is exemplified through their active involvement in research and publication endeavors.


Over the centuries, Jesuit scholars have made significant contributions to diverse fields, such as theology, philosophy, science, history, and literature. Jesuit educational institutions have played a vital role as hubs for research and scholarship, nurturing a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking among both students and faculty. These institutions frequently publish academic journals, books, and research papers, adding valuable insights to the academic community. 


In modern times, the Jesuits have embraced digital media and online platforms to spread knowledge and engage with a wider audience. They actively publish articles, blog posts, and multimedia content on various subjects related to social issues, ethics, and theology. This allows them to connect with people beyond traditional academic circles and reach a broader public with their insights and reflections.


The founding of the institute was in response to two challenges – the challenge of the spirituality and philosophy of Sri Lanka’s major religion, Buddhism, and the challenge of the socio-political aspirations of the highly educated but marginalized rural youth.

Over the years Tulana has developed into many things in one: a mini-university where scholars from here and abroad come for research, research guidance, consultation and thesis supervision, and where students and others attend seminars, workshops and training and study courses.

It is also a mini-retreat centre, where people come for meditation and spiritual accompaniment; a social animation centre for those engaged in social issues; and a forum for artists, who want to express their philosophy in non-logical, non-verbal media of communication.

The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540

by Saint Ignatius Loyola and his companions.

The mission of the Jesuits is a mission of justice and reconciliation, working so that

women and men can be reconciled with God, with themselves, with each other

and with God’s creation.


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